Meet Our Team

Tina Stewart







After living with a life changing health condition and depression for several years Tina was fortunate to be given the opportunity of taking part in a 12 week drama project for adults with mental health issues. She had always had a longing to take part in amateur dramatics but always lacked the confidence, but being in a safe environment with others suffering similar health issues and lacking, confidence and self- worth enabled her to participate in activities she would have previously shied away from. The experience was not only life changing for her but for the majority of participants.

Having fully recovered and being able to return to work, Tina wanted to pursue a career that she was passionate about;  helping others access opportunities to enhance their wellbeing and build self- confidence and self-esteem, empowering them to make positive improvements to their lives and engage more readily with the wider community.

Tina spent a year re-training in performance art and achieved a Level 3 Award in Education and Training and those skills together with lived experience of mental ill health and as a supporter of family members living with bipolar and learning disabilities, enabled her to become a Freelance Workshop Facilitator t/a Performance Art Life Skills, providing performance and creative arts workshops to organisations supporting social isolated adults and young people with mental ill health / mild learning disabilities.

Clair Griffin







Having had personal experience of mental ill health as a patient in her 20’s, but also as a carer for family members with bipolar, autism and ADHD, Clair has a wealth of lived experience which enables her to empathise with people and put them at ease.

Her previous job as a support worker gave her an insight into the benefits of performance art as a tool for enhancing wellbeing and improving self-confidence, when she accompanied a client to a community drama group for adults living with mental ill health and their carers.

This insight confirmed Clair’s desire to work in the mental health sector and she enrolled in various mental health awareness courses including Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Awareness in Young People.

Clair’s invaluable people skills and obvious sense of fulfilment from being able to help people get creative, laugh and forget their problems for a while makes her a vital member of the PALS team as a Creative Art Facilitator.


We strongly and passionately believe that the practise of any art form is a powerful and therapeutic tool to every person’s development and can increase self-worth and improve quality of life.

Those same skills can also be valuable in promoting team building and creative solution thinking in a corporate setting, improving productivity and workplace satisfaction.